Educational Licenses

There are two kinds of educational licenses available for RoboFont:

license type valid for… extendable? payment mode
Student License one year no free
Student License Service one year yes yearly subscription

Student License

The Student license is a free one-year license for students.

Teachers can request Student Licenses by filling out the Student License Form.

RoboFont Student Licenses are not distributed to individual students.

Free Student Licenses cannot be extended after they expire.

Student License Service

The Student License Service is a subscription-based service which gives teachers and school administrators more flexibility and control over licenses for their students.

The service allows teachers to generate, manage and send out licenses with a custom defined starting date and duration. The student only needs to click on a download link.

Some advantages of Student Licenses generated with this service:

They are extendable.
If a Student License expires, a new one can be issued to replace it.
They have a starting date and duration.
This works for short workshops, or for a whole achademic year.
They can be managed with the Education platform.
Teachers can use the platform to assign, end and extend Student Licenses.

Pricing scheme

A subscription to the service costs US$ 50 per achademic year for each student with access to the generated licenses. A minimum of 9 students is required.

How to subscribe

Use the button below to purchase a subscription to the Student License Service.


Once the transaction is completed, you will get an invoice and credentials to login.

An email will be sent after one year, reminding you to renew your subscription.

Student License Agreement

A Student License allows one student to install RoboFont in his/her computer/laptop. This applies both to the free one-year Student License, and to Student Licenses generated with the Student License Service.

We trust students to keep their individual license to themselves.

If excessive usage of a Student License is observed, the license will be black-listed.

Installing RoboFont in the computer lab

It is not allowed to use a Student License to install RoboFont in the computer lab, or in any computer owned by the school.

This kind of use requires a Full License for each computer. There are volume discounts available for orders greater than 10 users.

By purchasing Full Licenses, schools make an important contribution to support the development of the application.